Founded in 1989, Winged Keel Group ("Winged Keel") is an independent life insurance brokerage firm that specializes in the structuring and long-term administration of large life insurance portfolios for ultra-affluent families. Since inception, we have helped clients acquire more than $100 billion of coverage. Data as of January 2024.
Data as of January 2024

Winged Keel Group is completely independent of all life insurance companies. We do not accept subsidies or contributions from any life insurance company to pay our operating expenses. This independence enables us to offer unbiased life insurance portfolio advice.   We use a highly disciplined Risk Classification Auction™ process to enhance life insurance portfolio pricing. The auction process creates a competitive environment among the insurance companies and leverages Winged Keel's knowledge, experience, independence, relationships, and the volume and quality of our existing block of business. In addition, as a member firm of the M Financial Group buying consortium, Winged Keel can provide clients with pricing protection for non-guaranteed elements of policy performance.
The Principals of Winged Keel are well-respected within the life insurance industry and professional advisor communities for their domain expertise. We invest time and resources in performing research to develop new products and methods of structuring and financing life insurance portfolios to best fit the needs of our clients.   In addition, we respect intellectual property rights, which enables us to benefit from interesting new ideas that are developed by other firms servicing the ultra-affluent market. In structuring life insurance portfolios, our general approach is conservative, and we perform extensive due diligence before integrating new methods into our suite of products and services.
It is not possible to live up to the obligation of administering life insurance portfolios over long periods of time without a significant commitment to infrastructure.   Our ongoing investments in portfolio design, underwriting, and client administration capabilities are a core strategic thrust and a key point of differentiation. We are highly focused on pursuing incremental improvements in processes, technology, and human capital whenever possible.
In most cases, a life insurance portfolio will be one of the family's longest held assets. Given the life expectancy of the insured(s), the insurance portfolios administered by Winged Keel Group are designed to remain in place for 30 - 60 years. Because Winged Keel Group has anticipated servicing such an important and long-held asset, we have developed a multi-generational professional partnership governance structure.   Today, the Winged Keel Group Client Relationship Managers range in age from their early-30's to their early-60's. The balance that has been achieved through the multi-generational governance structure provides continuity of service for our clients' life insurance portfolios.