Business Continuation Insurance

As Institutional Investors and Financial Sponsors make significant investments into businesses, many choose to insure their key persons to offset the economic loss that would be incurred if a death happens prematurely. Key Person Life Insurance provides investors with the confidence that capital will be available to support the marketing and operational responsibilities following the loss of a key person. The value of key persons is immense, and can impact all elements of the business. Life insurance is often secured to safeguard the company against a loss of key executives.

Life insurance can also be used as a mechanism to fund the buyout provisions in an operating / partnership agreement. In many cases, these agreements call for a buyout of a partner’s interest in the event of death, and life insurance can create the liquidity necessary to fund these buyouts.


Winged Keel has experience in, and a differentiated approach to, placing large blocks of Key Person Life Insurance on executives. Our process-oriented implementation identifies the appropriate insurance product mix to match the scale and duration of the risk, and allows for the immediate coverage of key individuals as soon as the need arises. A systematic approach to ongoing servicing provides robust reporting and premium calendaring, along with ongoing reviews to help ensure the size and duration of the coverage continues to meet the needs of the business.

Our clients generally use business continuation insurance to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

Provide business continuity following the loss of a critical employee
Safeguard a business against sudden catastrophic revenue loss
Finance marketing and operational responsibilities, along with the recruiting and training of a replacement
Fund the buyout provisions in an operating / partnership agreement
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