About Our Name

The name "Winged Keel Group" was inspired by the 1983 America's Cup yacht race.

Dating back to 1851, the America's Cup is the oldest continuous competition in sport. The 1983 race marked the first time that the challenger had won the Cup since the contest began. The challenger's key to victory was the development of a "winged keel." This structural development increased the challenging yacht's stability, enabling it to move more smoothly and quickly through the water. Sophisticated observers were able to "look beneath the surface" to recognize the value of this innovation.


At Winged Keel Group, we believe that what's beneath the surface matters. Continuously investing resources in developing the infrastructure required to deliver the highest quality services, we invite clients and their professional advisors to look beneath the surface. We believe that the deeper they look, the more confident they will be in our firm's ability to meet their highest expectations.