About Our Name

The name Winged Keel Group was inspired by the 1983 America's Cup yacht race. Dating back to 1851, the America's Cup is the oldest continuous competition in sport. Read more...


Winged Keel Group

Winged Keel Group is an independent life insurance brokerage firm that seeks to create and implement customized, multi-generational wealth accumulation and wealth transfer strategies for ultra high net worth families. We specialize in the structuring and administration of large life insurance and annuity portfolios that enable our clients to achieve their financial goals.

Winged Keel Group has established a differentiated reputation among life insurance brokerage firms by combining the following key attributes:

Winged Keel Group’s multi-generational partnership governance structure helps to assure continuity of service for our clients’ life insurance portfolios.
Winged Keel Group is constantly investing in incremental process improvements, systemization, and people in order to live up to our clients’ expectations.
Winged Keel Group’s focus on ultra-affluent families has enabled us to develop domain expertise with respect to the products, planning structures, financing methods, and administrative requirements of large block life insurance portfolios.
Winged Keel Group’s independence from all life insurance companies enables us to provide unbiased advice to clients and their advisors, and to utilize an auction process to optimize the life insurance portfolio pricing.
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