Private Client Group

Tax legislation, market volatility, and changing financial circumstances can have a material impact on wealth creation and preservation. Winged Keel Group's Private Client Group helps clients protect their wealth from mortality risk by designing, implementing, and administering large block life insurance portfolios.

Our clients are financially sophisticated business owners, private investors, senior public company executives, and dynastic families. We work as a member of a team of specialists organized by highly-respected professional advisors, such as trust and estate attorneys, private bankers, trust companies, accounting firms, family offices, and private wealth managers. Unlike most life insurance brokerage firms, Winged Keel Group does not solicit clients for referrals.


We believe our focus and success have enabled us to increase our market differentiation relative to competitors who have similar intentions but are much less developed in terms of their infrastructure and ownership transition planning. In short, we have a long-term vision of the future and an operating platform and governance structure that allows us to serve clients for multiple generations.

Our clients generally use life insurance to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

Funding estate tax liabilities
Providing specific inheritances or charitable bequests
Accumulating investment assets in a tax-efficient manner
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